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Truth vs Myth: The COVID-19 Vaccine

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is likely the best chance we have to push back the tide of the current pandemic. The vaccine has already led to a dramatic decrease in severe illness from COVID-19 in skilled nursing facilities and hospitalization rates, but we have a lot of work yet to do.

Improving Depression

Depression is a common condition that affects approximately 10% of adults in the United States each year. Symptoms extend beyond a depressed mood. People experiencing depression are also likely to have symptoms of fatigue, sleep disturbances, difficulties with concentration, and changes in appetite. Withdrawal from interests or activities is also common. Many people with depression...
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Smart Fun In The Sun

The summer sun is a welcome change to the cold and snow of winter. It warms the air and seems to lift our spirits while at the pool or hitting your favorite hiking trail. Our summer activities often provide a hefty amount of sun exposure, and the tan lines that remain provide evidence of fun had while soaking in a few rays. And when we enjoy too much of a good thing the painful sting of a sunburn reminds us that more care should have been taken to protect ourselves.