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Medical Marijuana and CBD: Miracles or Menace? (Part 1)

With so many people in this world suffering from physical discomforts, emotional pain, chronic insomnia, or personal dissatisfaction, it is no wonder that substances have been used to ease multiple kinds of pain. One particular substance, marijuana, has been considered illegal until recently. Few topics bring up stronger emotions than medical marijuana. It captures the attention of all; not only doctors and lawyers, researchers and scientists, public officials and policymakers, but even the general population.

Edit Your Life (Part 2)

Life is too precious to let things just happen to us. You may not be able to control all the circumstances you find yourself in but you can control how you respond to them and what you learn from them. Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.”

Edit Your Life (Part 1)

School buses, tardy bells, backpacks, lunch boxes and No. 2 pencils all remind us of school and schedules. This time of year comes with some excitement and perhaps some dread, as the promise of challenging our children (or ourselves) to learn new things also bring the potential for improvement and growth. This is a natural...
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Breast Cancer Screening Facts (Part 2)

Mammograms detect approximately 85% of breast cancers. If there is an area that can't be seen clearly you may need additional testing. How does a radiologist use a mammogram? Watch Breast Cancer Screening Facts (Part 2) to learn more from Canyon View Women's Care provider Kristen Wright, FNP.