Doctor Patient Relationship

Common Pediatric Myths

One of my favorite TV shows from the last few years is Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel. For some strange reason, watching Adam and Jamie prove things to be false that everyone just knew were true  kept me tuning in each episode. So, in homage to this, I thought I would try some myth...
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The Importance of Having a Medical Home

The importance of seeing the same group of doctors in a medical home has been born out time and time again. Children with recurrent ear infections get recognized more quickly allowing for better prevention of future infections. Children with asthma have fewer visits to the emergency room and are less likely to be admitted to the hospital. Immunization rates go up and out of pocket costs go down.  

Must Know Information Before Having A Baby – Breastfeeding

This month I’ll discuss four health topics that are crucial for the optimal care of your newborn baby. These topics are successful breastfeeding, preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), how to identify signs of serious infection, and recognizing bowel obstruction in newborns. BREASTFEEDING Breastfeeding may not go smoothly as planned. The potential benefits of sustained...
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Understanding Croup

Last week we discussed bronchiolitis, which is usually caused by RSV.  Today I want to help you better understand croup.  Croup is swelling of the upper airway caused by a virus, usually Parainfluenza.  Despite the name, Parainfluenza has nothing to do with Influenza. Parainfluenza circulates in Utah any time it feels like it and makes...
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Understanding Bronchiolitis

Many respiratory viruses circulate in the winter in Utah, passed from person to person by droplets from sneezes and coughs. They can affect the respiratory tract from the nose, down the throat and trachea, to the lungs. What is bronchiolitis?   Bronchiolitis is when a virus causes inflammation of the tiniest windpipes in the lungs, called...
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