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Influenza Q&A

A short Q&A about Influenza: Q. “Why do doctors give flu vaccine?” A. So that fewer people die. We give influenza vaccine to all people over 6 months old to prevent serious illness, hospitalizations, and death.  Did you know that the flu shot saved 40,000 lives (including 9,000+ children’s lives) in the last 9 years?  ...
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Understanding Croup

Last week we discussed bronchiolitis, which is usually caused by RSV.  Today I want to help you better understand croup.  Croup is swelling of the upper airway caused by a virus, usually Parainfluenza.  Despite the name, Parainfluenza has nothing to do with Influenza. Parainfluenza circulates in Utah any time it feels like it and makes...
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Understanding Bronchiolitis

Many respiratory viruses circulate in the winter in Utah, passed from person to person by droplets from sneezes and coughs. They can affect the respiratory tract from the nose, down the throat and trachea, to the lungs. What is bronchiolitis?   Bronchiolitis is when a virus causes inflammation of the tiniest windpipes in the lungs, called...
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