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David Beckstead, MD

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Medical Education
Ohio State University College of Medicine
Riverside Methodist Hospital
Board Certifications
AAFP, American Board of Family Medicine
Honors and Awards
OSU Outstanding Academic Merit Scholarship
NIH Roadmap Training Program in Clinical Research
OSU Medical Alumni Society Research Grant

Practicing Locations

Canyon View Medical- Spanish Fork, Utah
Family Medicine, Sports Medicine
Monday - Friday: 8AM - 8PM
Saturday: 8AM - 4PM
Sunday: Closed

About David Beckstead, MD

As a boy in Preston, Idaho, I watched my father, a family medicine doctor, serve entire families in our tight-knit community. I was inspired by the positive impact my father had on others and I knew I wanted do the same. I earned a degree in Physiology and Developmental Biology at BYU and graduated from medical school at The Ohio State University. I did my residency at Riverside Methodist in Columbus, Ohio and then eagerly returned to the Mountain West. I love serving families. I recently spent a summer providing medical service in Ghana, and another summer in Malawi researching mother-to-child HIV transmission. I enjoy being a family medicine doctor in Spanish Fork.

Articles by David Beckstead, MD


Getting Relief From Allergies – Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergy testing and allergy injections/drops (Immunotherapy) are great options for people who have allergies difficult...

Understanding Food Allergies

How do I know if I have a food allergy? The most common symptoms of...

Avoiding Peanut Allergies in Children

Peanut allergies tend to develop in childhood and persist through adulthood. However, recent scientific research...

Allergy Testing And Finding Relief

Allergy testing and allergy shots/drops (Immunotherapy) are great options for people who have allergies difficult...

Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

When looking for relief for seasonal allergies there are a lot of choices for medication and...

Allergy Myths

Myth #1: You can only develop food allergies when you are younger. False.  About 15%...

Itching To Know More About Hives?

What are hives? Red/salmon colored, itchy, raised bumps on the skin that come and go...

How to Beat Hay Fever, for Kids and Adults

Spring is here. For those with allergies, the warm weather and flowers are a sign...

Can Kenalog or Cortisone Shots Help My Hay Fever?

Kenalog or Cortisone can work well to suppress Hay fever allergies and itchy eyes/runny nose...

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Can’t enjoy that apple, peach, or cherry? Many people with a condition called Oral Allergy...

Allergy Relief And Immunotherapy (Shots and Drops)

What Is Immunotherapy?Immunotherapy means giving your body what you are allergic to in small amounts,...

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?

Do you have chronic stomach cramping, gas pains, bloating, or diarrhea? Does your food seem...

Why Am I Developing Allergies, and How Can I Prevent Them?

Two to Three hundred years ago, very few people suffered from allergies. Nowadays, it’s common...
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