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Acne Care

Acne will likely plague the life of most adolescents to some degree. It should be taken very seriously as it has the potential to leave scarring.

The pediatricians at Canyon View Medical are trained in the management of pediatric acne and will work together with you and your child to develop a plan for clearer skin. Acne can be treated with a variety of medications, both topical and oral, including a medication called Isotretinoin (Accutane). This is used in cases when acne is not responding to conventional treatment. It is important that acne medicines be used with the highest level of compliance. These medicines are preventative and will not be very effective if used to spot treat acne breakouts. It is also important to recognize that every patient will respond to medications differently. All patients will need to follow up with their doctor at the requested intervals. If patients follow the treatment plan consistently and follow up for medication adjustment, virtually all patients’ acne can be managed.

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