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A New School Year

While the heat of summer is still upon us, in a few short weeks the respite of cooler fall weather will arrive and with it a new school year.  The start of each new school year offers an opportunity for a child to learn new information, form new thoughts and discover the world around them.  Some children find the return to school an exciting endeavor and make the transition with ease.  For others, the season is met with feelings of dread and many a parent hears the pleading refrain “do I have to go to school?” As a parent, there are things we can do which can help our children establish a foundation for success.

The first day of school can be exceptionally stressful, so offering reassurance to your child that many other students are likely feeling uneasy about their first day of school as well and that teachers know that they will be nervous and will make extra efforts to help them feel comfortable. Along with this, stressing prior positive aspects of school can help remind them that school is not all bad. Also finding another child from the neighborhood to walk to school or ride the bus can help make getting going a little less intimidating. Finally, if you feel it is needed, walking with your child or driving them to school might help put them at ease.

Studies have shown that children who have a nutritious breakfast perform better at school. So establishing a good breakfast and morning routine is essential making this happen. It is also a good idea to pay attention to what is being offered for school lunch and if your child is actually eating what is provided. School lunch menus are generally posted online or sent home with students.  This can be helpful in tracking what your child is being offered, and in cases when you know your child won’t eat a certain food you can pack them a sack lunch.

One final area to consider is the foods offered in vending machines. While most schools make efforts to provide healthier options in vending machines, unhealthy options frequently find their way in.  Educate your child that candy, soda, fruit juice, and similar high sugar foods should be viewed as treats and consumed in moderation – overuse can easily lead to excessive calorie consumption.

If you would like to read additional tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics about going back to school, especially about how to address Bullying, please click here.

All of us here at Canyon View Pediatrics hope this school year is a successful one for your child, but if challenges do arise we would like you to know that we are here to offer assistance. So please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

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