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Many youth suffer in life with deep dread. Incessant worry and fretting about impending doom can commandeer the mind, life and functioning of youth.  Anxiety is a normal part of mortal existence that serves purpose in keeping one safe from danger and motivating appropriate social consideration and academic and work accomplishment.  Unfortunately anxiety is frequently exaggerated in children and adolescents.  Detriments of excess anxiety are many: avoidance of life engagement and social interaction, sadness and depression, chronic magnified stress, mental distraction and academic problems, sleep difficulty, cognitive distortions which interfere with relationship development, panic attacks, etc.

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics understand how to evaluate the effects of anxiety on the developing youth and adolescent.  We know how to determine the difference between normal worries and dysfunctional anxiety disorders.  Through questionnaires and specialized interviewing techniques we ascertain the contribution of anxiety to other life problems.

Our pediatricians use a variety of treatment modalities to improve anxiety.  We integrate our care with skilled psychologists who can provide cognitive behavioral therapy.  We provide education and resources to families to help master anxiety and when appropriate use medication.

Evaluations for anxiety related problems generally require extended consult appointments to thoroughly address these issues.  Please call us if your child is struggling with anxiety issues.

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