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We live on a spherical petri dish. Each of us is surrounded by microorganisms, some friendly and some desiring to use us a host for colonization and expansion of their species. Our survival on planet earth depends on the balancing forces between our immune system and the unseen microcosm of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. All of us get infections from time to time. Most of these illnesses are a nuisance and not a threat to existence. Some bacteria are advantageous to our bodies. Our intestinal track is covered by bacteria called the microbiome which work to keep us healthy. This microbiome contains more bacteria then the cells in our bodies and serves functions as yet undiscovered. Many nuisance infections, like upper respiratory illness, train our immune system and help prevent allergies and may actually be partially good for us.

Knowing how to recognize the good from the annoying from the dangerous and what our immune system can deal with on its own verses what needs intervention with antimicrobial agents is a skill honed over many years of extensive training by the Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics. Too much use of antibiotics can disrupt the healthy microbiome and create side effects. A dangerous infection with inadequate immune defenses can be perilous. We pride ourselves on teaching you what to watch for to do enough but not too much that it can be detrimental.

Our Pediatricians are especially against medicalization of patients for the sake of running a practice. Medicalization is misinformation and mistreatment when creates an inappropriate dependency upon the medical system. For example, if your 15 month old goes to the doctor with a runny nose and cough and is treated with antibiotics for strep throat, you learn that your child needs to be seen for this illness to receive antibiotics to avoid rheumatic fever. You thus are falsely dependent on a provider to provide a treatment that is not only unnecessary but may cause harmful side effects.

Pediatricians at Canyon View Pediatrics have the training and wisdom to help you know what your child’s immune system can deal with on their own and when you might need a doctor to get better or avoid danger.

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