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Laceration Repair

The Pediatric specialists at Canyon View Pediatrics have all done extensive training in the repair of lacerations. While lacerations related to high intensity trauma certainly need to be evaluated in the ER — particularly for management of underlying trauma injury — your pediatrician is always willing to evaluate a laceration and most can be easily managed and treated in the office.

It is often difficult for parents to know which lacerations need to be managed by a plastic surgeon. It is virtually impossible for us to tell you over the phone whether the laceration is associated with a complication for which we will refer you to a plastic surgeon. Some lacerations which we will definitely refer include the following: large lacerations with missing tissue, deep lacerations which sever tendons or ligaments, complex jagged face lacerations with a high risk of a disfiguring scar, crush injuries resulting in significant dead or missing tissue, and lacerations crossing the vermillion border of the lip which is the line separating the facial skin from the lip margin.

We are always willing to evaluate a laceration on an urgent basis in our office and we can repair the great majority for you. If the laceration requires subspecialty care we are happy to contact a plastic surgeon or other subspecialist to arrange direct care for you.

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