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Becoming More Active

You may not be aware that May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month. With that in mind,

I’d like to provide you with some information that can assist you in becoming more active. Most of us know that regular consistent exercise is a key aspect of our overall health and wellness.

Unfortunately, many of us also fall short of a consistent exercise routine and lack direction. As a family and primary care sports medicine physician, I try to have a discussion with patients who come in for yearly preventive visits regarding their activity level. Most patients who are not in the habit of exercising regularly refer to time constraints as the reason for inactivity. When this is the case, I like to counsel my patients regarding some of the proven benefits of regular exercise and also introduce them to a simple exercise program that can be completed in only 7 minutes.

There are numerous known benefits to regular exercise including improved blood pressure, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, improved emotional well being enhanced cognitive function and better-perceived quality of life. The effects of regular exercise can result in less anxiety, depression, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Introducing The Scientific 7 Minute Workout:

I was first introduced to the Scientific 7 Minute Workout during my sports medicine fellowship training. It is a simple, but effective daily exercise routine that can be completed in 7 minutes per day. It consists of 12 simple exercises (as seen above) that are performed for 30 seconds each. There is no fancy or expensive exercise equipment required or a gym membership to be paid. Doing the exercises will help you break a sweat and increase your heart rate each day, helping you get closer to better health and wellness with each workout.

Everyone has 7 minutes to spare. I challenge you to try out the Scientific 7 Minute Workout today and start enjoying the benefits of regular consistent exercise…and while you’re at it, invite your spouse or a friend to join you along the way!

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